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Plastics Extruder Machine - Pellet-Forming Machinery for PP, PE & PS Die-Cutters
Advantages of die cutting molds (vertical downward extruding models)
  • 1. End products are subjected to constant pressure so they are consistent in size and perfectly shaped.
  • 2. Cooling water cover's spray does not moisten the die head so its output is unaffected.
  • 3. Downward adjustable cooling water cover makes it is easy to operate and replace die cutter.
  • 4. This design is specially designed for PP.PE.PS recycling and other thermoplastic waste.

Model Main Extruder Second Extruder
Screw Dia. Motor Temp. control Output(kg/hr) Dimesion(M) Motor Temp. control Cutting motor Dimesion(M)
KS-100 Ø 100mm 50HP 6 120-180 4.2x1.8x3.0 20HP 4 2HP 2.3x1.5x2.1
KS-120 Ø 120mm 100HP 8 150-220 5.1x1.9x3.4 30HP 5 3HP 2.9x1.6x2.2
KS-150 Ø 150mm 150HP 9 200-300 6.5x2.2x3.7 50HP 5 5HP 3.4x1.8x2.4
KS-175 Ø 175mm 200HP 10 250-400 7.2x2.3x3.8 75HP 6 5HP 3.7x2.0x2.6

Model Cooling tank Dehydrator Vibrating screener Centrifugal pellets blower
Water pump Dimesion(M) Motor Dimesion(M) Motor Dimesion(M) Motor
KS-100 3HP 1.8x0.6x0.7 7.5HP 1.3x0.9x2.3 0.25kwx2 2.6x0.6x1.1 3HP
KS-120 3HP 2.0x1.6x2.2 7.5HP 1.3x0.9x2.3 0.25kwx2 2.6x0.6x1.1 3HP
KS-150 5HP 2.2x0.65x0.8 10HP 1.35x0.9x2.4 0.25kwx2 2.6x0.6x1.1 5HP
KS-175 5HP 2.4x0.65x0.8 10HP 1.35x0.9x2.4 0.25kwx2 2.6x0.6x1.1 5HP
* Specification Subject to change without notice for improvement and modification.