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Plastics Extruder Machine - High-Speed Mixers & Horizontal Stirrer

Model Vertical Mixer Table support
Material Capacity Motor Dimesion(M) Dimesion(M)
KS-M200L SUS304*10MM 200L 6Px50HP 2.1x0.8x1.6 2.5x1.65x2.3
KS-M300L 304x12mm 300L 6Px100HP 2.3x0.9x1.7 2.7x1.85x2.3
KS-M500L SUS304x12mm 500L 6Px150HP 2.4x0.8x1.8 3.0x2.0x2.5
(Uses pneumatic output with table type electric control box.)
Model Horizontal Stirrer
Main Motor Dimesion(M) Out put Type
KS-H400 5HPx1/30 2.0x0.5x1.2 (air)/(Handle)
KS-H600 7.5HPx1/60 2.0x0.5x1.2 (air)/(Handle)
KS-H1000 15HPx1/60 2.2x0.5x1.3 (air)/(Handle)
Output Type
Cooling stirrer - uses water for cooling.
Dry stirrer – uses steam, hot oil or electric heater to dry
Specification Subject to change without notice for improvement and modification.