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Electric Cable Winder
DY 925 Multipurpose Wire Winding Machine
1. Coil specifications: 1. Wire diameter 0-12mm 2. Bundle width 150mm 3. Coil OD 250mm
2. Two counting functions on the same machine: Length in feet, and number of coils.
3. Compatible with different wire needs, different hole styles; convenient, protects wire material.
4. Accurate counter: Minimizes length counting errors and saves wire material; wheel separated in feet and inches.
5. Movable machine: machine has wheels so you can move it anywhere for your convenience.
6. Attractive and tidy coils add value to wires and cables; developed for telephone, power, coaxial, internet, flower, electronics markets.
7. Attractive electrical control box, easy to check and maintain.
8. Dual settings counter: Speed reduces as set length approaches completion for a reduction of wear and tear.
9. High visibility light meter for easy operation.
10. Multipurpose machine includes hollow spool, plastic spool, paper spool, single winder, and cutting capabilities.
11. Single unit price, multifunctional, saves space and money.